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[In the absence of anything else to do, Quistis has been taking a lot of walks around the town. She doesn't appear to have any particular destination in mind, and her only reasons for taking these walks are so that she doesn't become too bored and that she becomes more familiar with what is for now, her home.

And, well, meeting people isn't a bad thing either. If she walks around enough, who knows how many interesting people she'll meet?]
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[This one, for starters!

He ...or... she? doesn't particularly stand out all that much, but she is hanging around.

And looking a little miffed.]
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that face...

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You'd be right, there.
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It's not that bad, really. Just frustrated.

[She'd gotten enough information from Hope to go out into one of the areas. In her weakened state, it was more difficult for her than she was expecting. Fortunately, it was a small one.]
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[ there'd be a fourteen-year-old cleaning a rather hefty-looking gun sitting by the side of the fountain! which would be a rather strange anywhere else, really, but considering the setting... well, yeah. but it doesn't change the fact that he's giving the thing a thorough cleaning, even if he has very little idea how to actually do something like that.

he's only partially absorbed in his task. for as you pass by, he'll give you a polite nod and smile in greeting. ]
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[ Ada likes to meet new people, so meeting Quistis would be a great thing!

.. it's kind of unfortunate that she's standing around just like any NPC would, but the difference between her and NPCs is that she looks completely different. Otherwise, she's smiling and talking to people at random - just kind of greeting everyone, but it's repetitive enough that she sounds like a parrot. ]