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1st Black Feather

[There's a Pit wandering around Mac Anu, not looking very pleased. In fact, unless Pit decided to change his wardrobe, dye his hair, and get contacts, he looks more like a mirror image of Pit.]

[Though, he's just as confused.]

...did one of you goddesses send me here? If so, this isn't very funny.

[...and talking to himself.]

[Though, admittedly, he's not talking to himself intentionally. He's expecting an answer from people that aren't there, and he's just realizing this, if the expression on his face is any clue.]



[...well this was awkward.]
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[The sound of feathered wings fluttering usually sets him off, but he remembers there's only one person here that he's met with them. And now he's all goth. Huh.

Meta Knight approaches him, unaware that Dark Pit isn't the angel he's thinking of.]

I see you've relieved yourself of your boredom, but I was hoping it would have been more productive.
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[They may have been in a brawl before, who knows.

Meta Knight sighs, rubbing his temples.]

Nevermind. I'm just relieved you're not passively waiting for action anymore.
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...You weren't the one lying on the floor for everyone to trip on a few weeks ago, are you. [Said more as a statement than a question]

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[Hm? Wasn't this the guy from that party, in a different outfit?]

Ah, hello again.
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I didn't actually get your name at that party, so...

And why are you dressed in black now?
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Well, then who are you?

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[ sun god appearing overhead! ]

Rude. Is that really how you should ask a question of God?
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Then, why would mortals ask anything of idiots? Wouldn't that make them the most idiotic of them all?
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Mm. I supposed it's good that you can acknowledge your own stupidity.

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I don't think you were set here by a goddess.
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It is possible, but she would have to be more powerful than any goddess I have yet met.

I agree though, it is not funny.
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They are somewhat powerful, but certainly incapable of forcing others to cross worlds.
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Unbeknownst to man, there are multiple worlds in existence besides this one.

Of course, you are clearly not a man, but the point stands.
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No goddesses around here, I'm afraid. [Kirino hasn't met the other Pit yet, but he approaches because lol person talking to himself.]